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    • Alice was born and raised in the HNTRS. Starting from a young age she was taught martial arts and all about supernaturals, even ones that not everyone knows about yet.
    • Alice is considered a bit of a target because she is a descendant of both the Gregory and Lightstone families.
    • Once she became of age to become a hunter, she did as she was expected and joined and she, like her brothers, were stationed in Phoenix, one of the more violent areas for hunters due to the fact that it's in the desert and a lot of supernaturals went here to stay out of public light in that desert and have since flooded into the city.
    • She is involved with Seth Redford.
  • Possible Plots

    • Kidnapping plot by supernaturals to try to get some of their freedoms back or because they are searching for friends taken into the HNTRS facility.
    • Supernatural ass kicking plots are abounds, she is small but she's smart and been taught how to handle any supernatural.
    • HNTRS Facility things, friends etc.
    • Patrols gone awry

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