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    • Stheno was born to a Gorgon family early on in the Supernatural Regulations and her parents were taken captive by what she can only assume were hunters.
    • She was left on her own to fend for herself which was difficult due to the fact that Gorgon poison was a high priced black market product.
    • She was taken in by the Nakada Syndicate and raised carefully where they would "ask" for her venom. As she got old enough to fend for herself she started dealing it herself. Her debt to the Nakada syndicate was less financial and more loyalty and she continues to deal but at a lower percentage than she used to. She tends to be a person that provides directions to those seeking to find more valuable things, like black market turning facilities.
  • Possible Plots

    • Gorgon poison deals
    • Finding a black market turning facility.
    • Talking about her snakes or... being bitten by one.

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