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    • Jakeai Nakada inherited the Nakada Syndicate from her father at 17.
    • She's the eldest of the 3 Nakada sisters.
    • She runs the underground supernatural fighting ring with her hands in drug dealing.
    • Her sister Anoca is second in command and assist in running the day to day.
    • They live in district 2.
    • Their parents were killed by another gang when Jakeai was 17, Jakeai took over and made sure the other gang was stamped out of existence.
  • Possible Plots

    • Piss her off and get trapped in a cell and have to fight constantly in the Thunderdome basically that becoming their life.
    • Debtors for the illegal SPN and shifting they deal in. It's an expensive process and it's easy to get under their thumb and have to do bad things to get what they want.
    • Romance, I posted a suggestion in the Character Wanted Ads here.
    • Small time gangs trying to edge in on her business.

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