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    • Anoco's parents died when she was 16.
    • She is the middle child to the Nakada Sisters and apt to be more angry or throw fits.
    • She's a strong Pyromancer and able to conjure fire in the palm of her hand when needed.
    • She is second in command and assist in running the day to day.
    • Lives in district 2.
  • Possible Plots

    • Piss her off and get trapped in a cell and have to fight constantly in the Thunderdome basically that becoming their life.
    • Debtors for the illegal SPN and shifting they deal in. It's an expensive process and it's easy to get under their thumb and have to do bad things to get what they want.
    • I'm up for a romance plot, if I had to think of something I think it would be fun if it happened to be with someone that's indebted to the syndicate and struggling to make it out, probably a fighter. Anoco is bi so this could be a man or a woman. That or maybe she's seeing a married person and trying to get them to leave their wife/husband for her.

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