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    • Born in California as a twin to Nico Selvaggio to Elisa and Frances Selvaggio. A few years later Rose Selvaggio joined the family.
    • She met Red when she was 19 in a band.
    • They started to work together on music and eventually evolved their band to a level that got signed.
    • They toured for about 5 years with Debra and David Gregory (other band mates) until Violet and Deb were pregnant (Deb pregnant with Alice and Violet with Seth).
    • After this Red and Violet had a falling out due to addition from their touring days and she divorced him for a about 6 months, until he cleaned himself up.
    • They got remarried 6 months after that and continued their family with Richie and Tonka.
    • Since then they had established the Redford Security Corps to invest their money in and Violet has a side project which is a club in Tempe, AZ.
  • Possible Plots

    • Redford Security Corps captures.
    • Vitality club issues or experiences including parties.
    • Things to do with her kids.
    • Nakada Syndicate dealings.
    • HNTRS dealings with the conspiracy plot.

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