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    • Vital is David Gregory's eldest, younger sister.
    • Vital is considered a bit of a pot stirrer, she likes to know secrets and she likes to use them to cause some issues.
    • Vital is promiscuous and has no intention of settling down with a single person.
    • She was born a mage, she has standard powers and the ability to teleport to different locations. The further the location the more draining it is on her unless it's a place she's familiar with. She is powerful enough to pop to England for tea and be back in her Phoenix bed that evening.


  • Possible Plots

    • Get involved with some people and get to know them and stir up some trouble with some pointed telling of secrets or just in general causing some problems.
    • I'm up for a romance and trying to tie her down to someone. This would require a someone that is persistent but also a little underhanded himself. He would have to have a sense of allure and make her want him if that makes sense.
    • Some popping about to help family or friends.

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