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    • Joe is the daughter of Joseph Sousa, she doesn't know her mom because her mom died in child birth, at least that's what her dad told her.
    • She grew up rough because her dad wanted her to be strong, this included a lot of camping in the desert and eating snakes.
    • She joined the HNTRS primarily to get a free ride on getting a few extra shifts as she was born a coyote shifter.
    • Has a thing for short nerds.
  • Possible Plots

    • Supernatural ass kicking plots are abounds, she is small but she's smart and been taught how to handle any supernatural.
    • HNTRS Facility things, friends etc.
    • Patrols gone awry
    • Stuff having to do with her nerdy partner, Ilia.
    • Snake dinners
    • Tall jokes
    • Gun talk

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