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    • The middle child of the Redford children and the only born shifter of the three.
    • He is apt to possibly inherit the security corps so opted when he was 21 to start from the bottom up and has recently started his official probationary hearing.
    • Tends to stay on the quiet side, more of the sort to let people come to him rather than going to them unless he feels something more than attraction.
    • Likes to work out.
    • Has a bit of a big brother complex.
  • Possible Plots

    • Fights at the Thunderdome.
    • Things involving Kae and her well being, including asshole boyfriends to beat up or general jerks.
    • Gym meet up in the morning before he goes to work.
    • Redford Security Corps friends
    • Nakada Syndicate friends
    • Mercenary friends

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    • Playby Amanda Palmer
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