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    While your character doesn't have to be a part of any of these classifications (or are these the only ones, feel free to add some) we figured we'd give you some fun possible character classifications to start up some groups.




    A vampire class character is similar to the traditional blood suckers that the name is derived from however they don't suck out that precious red goo that keeps you alive, no. This brand of vampire are energy consumers. They often carry some sort of custom made pack that is able to absorb energy through touch. This is primarily done to androids and cyborgs and can kill them.




    The name is as it sounds, these characters peck at the dead retrieving artiforgs (artificial organs) to re-sell them on the black market. For the most part these characters work for the Yatri family however there are likely freelance vultures out there too.




    This class is an appearance class primarily. These characters go to extremes with their appearance. These characters do not often change their core appearance however they dress up in elaborate costumes with makeup and masks that make them basically a completely different people. Many even believe that they are a different person.




    These people are sort of like the modern CIA. They make people disappear along with whatever they knew about. Primarily these characters work for World First however there have been known a few to defect to the Assassins Guild.




    They can also be confused with ghosts but Wraiths are often hackers within the Hackers guild. They are often deemed Wraiths as they are difficult to trace, probably part of not wanting to get caught or something. These hackers are some of the best in the world.




    While many use this as a term for the essence of a living being, which it is as well, a ghost are also remnants of androids or artificial intelligence. Ghosts are normally only referenced when speaking of cyborgs and androids on whether they are sentient and themselves or a part of the system.

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