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    Halloween Haboob

    In Arizona there are these insane things called Haboobs! Or you can call them dust storms as well. Often directly after a haboob you have a massive rainfall and that is what this event is about.

    This event starts late afternoon on the 30th of October and ends on November 2nd (sort of, I'll explain in a moment) basically the actions of the weather so you can navigate your character through it.

    1. First, the Haboob will come. Those characters with phones that get alerts will get notified of the dust storm incoming. Wind will pick up to points you can nearly lean into it and not fall over (yes these things have been known to throw around small hybrid cars with no weight to them).
    2. As the dust wall moves in visibility will become non-existent or low. For an explanation it would be similar to a blizzard, heavy hurricane level rain or heavy fog but it's all dirt. While you can drive in this, it's not recommended, its recommended to be indoors and safe.
    3. This will continue (in this particular event) until mid morning on the 31st of October in which, as the dust starts to subside the rain will start.
    4. The rains will be heavy and not let up until late on November 2nd with phone notifications of flash floods.

    While the rain will subside this will cause quite a bit of issues as there will be roads blocked because they are flooded and depending on how the weather continues these flooded areas could last through winter. Hopefully you're not swept away in a wash.

    If you want ideas, feel free to comment as a reply here and I'll be happy to throw some stuff at you.

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