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    As with most stories, the best place to start is the beginning. The beginning for this story was not a bright one. In 2016 Donald Trump was elected president and a secret race was begun to help the world become a better place. A race for a future that we could actually survive, one in which technology would be better then ever and the world could be united instead of divided.


    Funny how life works isn't it? Uniting against a common enemy to achieve a mutual goal.


    That goal was in robotics versus genetics. If they could create an unbiased means of law enforcement or super soldier then the world could start to heal itself, protect us from the tyranny. If we could take the law away from the government a little then we can be saved.


    At least that is what we thought.

    What fools we are.


    Genetics hit it off first. They were able to create genetically altered children that were stronger, faster, smarter. The failures were vast and extreme while Robotics continued to struggle to get autonomy that worked correctly. Artificial intelligence has always been scrutinized and now with the power that they wanted to give it it was under more scrutiny than ever.


    So, for a time, genetics won despite the massive amounts of failures. 20 years after this success was when the first set of super soldiers were placed into the force. These test tube babies were flawless in their technique for what they lacked in personality they made up for in precision.


    Sadly, like all things, this was not meant to be.


    As these soldiers came onto the streets World First Robotics finally made a breakthrough in their creations. In fact they made two breakthroughs. They were successful in both creating artificial organs and a fully autonomous league of robots. With the Super Soldier Program going to well they were not immediately released.


    Not until the first death.


    It was a dark time for genetics when the first Super Solider went rogue. His name was Michael, code name Slick. He took the life of a civilian and it wasn't the last one. It was not long after he started his bloody rampage that he disappeared. Whether or not he was killed was never discovered but this cloud that now covered the Super Solider program called for a change. This paved the way for World First Robotics and their new soldiers.


    The Super Soldiers were decommissioned. Each of them retired, some took their own lives as all they knew was what they were born for. Some went on to lead normal lives.


    Now we were in the hands of androids. Even humans began to segue into becoming more cybernetic as artificial organs began to become more mainstream.


    For a time, it was good.


    Everything moved forward quickly. With the development of autonomous law enforcement came many other autonomous beings. This accelerated the development of future models. It was not long before bio-cybernetics became the next step and androids began to slowly begin to look more human.


    These developments were seen as threatening to some which made tensions begin to rise. People were losing their jobs to androids which made poverty even more difficult. Fortunately the fate of these people did not go unnoticed. The CEO of World First Robotics, Violet Simril, took this as a personal challenge and began lobbying for human and android rights in the workplace as well as better welfare for those displaced by androids.


    Why would she work against her own companies bottom line?

    Some questioned her motives while many supported her. These changes were implemented, not by governments but by World First Robotics. These actions made World First Robotics the most supported company in the world and quickly governments found their rule slipping away to the company not only through their support but their finances were slipping too. Without people paying taxes because androids were taking over it made financial ruin for many governments.


    It took only five years for world governments to give in and take the World First Robotics bail out. This meant that governments were now being officially funded by World First Robotics to keep programs in place to keep quality in the work place.


    Unfortunately the CEO was not around to see the success of her planning. A few years after the campaign began she fell ill and died. The company was taken over by her son, Maximus, who runs the company to this day.


    It has been 40 years since the government bail out by World First Robotics. The world has settled and while the world appears beautiful there are still many dark holes that people crawl out of only increasing as the world ignores what is bad in the world. This is where your story begins.

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