District 4

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Black Market

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The core of the black market is primarily online however with how closely things can be monitored many dealing in dark trades actually sell their wares in an actual underground bazaar in District 4. The wares here range in price and purpose but if you can't find it through legitimate sources this is likely the place to find it!

Chastity Belt

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Owner: Mordria Nemes

Like many of her other establishments this seedy nightclub is filled with women and men looking to give you a good time. The workers in these places range in race and class. Most of them are contracted workers in this particular establishment compared to others that have more liberal policies. This specific location happens to be Mordria's number one location to find her although she is not always here.


Contracted workers can be read more about here.

The Games Arena

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This arena is rented out for those that need a place to hold a spectacle. It's owned and operated by Jakeai Nakada and primarily hosts the robot games. While the standard is Class 1 and Class 3 androids there is no rules against cyborgs or other classes of cyborgs from being entered by their owner or of their own volition.

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