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      The wastelands are beyond the borders of the many cities that still exist in the world. Many believed that someone salted the earth and made it barren beyond the technological paradise that was the cities. No one really knows but natural resources are non-existent out here. If you are stuck alone with no food or water you had better hope a scrapped finds you or else you are most certainly dead.

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      This is a place that you can throw something in that has a time and place outside of the actual roleplay environment. This includes AU offshoots that you want to try out, times past something you just want your character to express but down want to have a full on thread with. Whatever really. For the most part these should not have anything to do with the story of the site at all.

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      This is the OOC Chat and discussion area. Feel free to post random chats here, leave of absences request plots etc.

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      I'm a single mother of two. I love to roleplay and set aside time to take care of kids, work my job and have fun on roleplays. I am a Pinkie Pie lover! Fourth Wall Pony ftw!

      I'm pretty easy to plot with. I try to have people in each district to be sure I have plenty of ways to plot with anyone. I always love ideas!!

      Stop by, throw your face in my face and we will have a lot of fun!

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