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  1. WheresMyButton - ACTUALLY there is a LOT OF SCIENCE TO IT. What it does is it s corbonuzes with water molecules and makes paper in the air. Its sent out in spurts to create confetti. It's really cool. And I don't ALWAY make weapons of mass destruction in my sleep @NoFace
  2. WheresMyButtons - *shrugs* I don't know. It's the one I lose the most though.
  3. WheresMyButton - I could totally make you an Ice Cream Button!!!! That would be exciting. Just gotta get it all worked out. It'll probably be like my confetti button.
  4. WheresMyButton - That sounds fun but I don't recommend button making. Mine are normally pretty dangerous.
  5. WheresMyButton - Nice to meet you Lain.
  6. WheresMyButton - Yay! I have a new BFF! I'm Harlee BTW!
  7. WheresMyButton - I didn't setup my account. My friend did. And he has a strange sense of humor. I mean I really do lost my buttons but I sometimes create them in my sleep so I don't even know that I made them to be able to lose them.
  8. WheresMyButton - Kinda like my buttons always getting lost @noface
  9. WheresMyButton - Right? One second I'm coming up a theory on the creation of reverse polarity motorcycles, the next unplugged keyboard.
  10. WheresMyButton - I LOVE DARK CRYSTAL! Sorry my keyboard wasn't plugged in.
  11. I lost my button again. I hope no one does anything bad with it... I don't remember what it does.

  12. Welcome to The Network. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.