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  1. Character: Taz Quick Type: Enhancements Explanation of the tech: Taz is the Tank of the Quick family. He has the standard enhancements of an original super soldier, strength, agility, stamina. Unlike his cousins Taz doesn't have as many enhancements as he wasn't in the program for as long as they were. His enhancements stray to stamina and durability, thus his 'tank' status. The many genetic enhancements were geared for thickening his skin, his body able to metabolize acids faster so he can burn longer than others. In many ways this makes him similar to a living, breathing juggernaut however he's not unstoppable unfortunately. Taz's limitations when it comes to fighting and staying up are low. He is able to fight as long and hard as he pushes himself to which is a boon and a bane. While he can stay through a fight depending on how much he is hit and how hard will depend on his recovery time. Once expended he can take a while to fully get back to normal and for the most part he is laid out or sleeps through it to regain the energy only waking long enough to perform necessary human-like duties like eating, drinking water and using the facilities. Unlike his cousins his recuperation time is all dependent on the damage inflicted, which can be severe depending on who he is fighting. He is able to take a hit and shrug it off pretty easily. Skin is nearly as thick as Kevlar, still needs a light layer of armor to defend against most weapons but basic armor will keep it from fully penetrating his skin. With these traits he has a severely high pain tolerance, while great, this can be detrimental as large wounds can be ignored for continued fighting. This means that severe wounds have a higher likelihood of killing him if not treated in a timely manner compared to what the wound is. This means he can easily surpass his limits at any time without really knowing it. @Kaybee Good? Do I need any more for him do you think? Any suggestions?
  2. Welcome to The Network. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.