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  1. SerialExp - Mmmmm...push-pops <3
  2. SerialExp - You have a confetti button?? o_O; For what, birthdays?
  3. SerialExp - But it's an ice cream button...pretty please? For your new BFF? Q~Q </3
  4. SerialExp - Same to you Miss! I vote us three schedule a movie night with ice cream-making buttons and gummy bears, the whole shebang. ;3
  5. SerialExp - <3 You can call me Lain <3 and @RedEngineer, Do you like gummy bears?
  6. SerialExp - @RedEngineer, we were...but then you broke my heart so now the button lady is my new bff until you admit that those red stringy devils belong in hell. >_>
  7. SerialExp - @RedEngineer Because you put that disgusting candy in your body! How can you live with yourself, it's the bane of all things dry and unsavory. Like GlitchMob over there...
  8. SerialExp - @RedEnginner, why do you hate yourself?
  9. SerialExp - @RedEngineer, you're totes my new best friend now. I'll bring the candy if you bring the popcorn!
  10. SerialExp: Don't ruin my movie with drugs T_T It's rated G for a reason you dummies!
  11. SerialExp - It's about some kid who has to put a crystal into a bigger crystal...because of the sun? Maybe Red can explain it better.
  12. SerialExp - Here's an odd question for any cute nerds...anyone seen Dark Crystal?
  13. When it came to life, Dot loved it. However there was always something addicting about logging into a randomized chat and speaking with mysterious city locals. Sometimes she'd try and use who she found to get close to a target but other was just plain old fun! As she logged in she noticed that a few "anonymous" users were already being added, so she started off the conversation enthusiastically! - Well hi there!!
  14. Welcome to The Network. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.