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  1. Long Day Boy Problems Meeting the Family
  2. Legacy What the Hell, Mom? Hazing First Day Jitters Reassignment Meeting the Family Almost Across the Finish The Finish Line
  3. "Yeah it does," Seth agreed. His mouth was already watering as he reached to grab a couple of fries off the plate. @Morrigan
  4. "Eh, that's not exactly a deal breaker," he shrugged. @Morrigan
  5. "I'm starting to wonder what the catch here is," he teased, giving her foot a nudge under the table. @Morrigan
  6. "Let's maybe hold off on that till we find out if the sex is good," he laughed. @Morrigan
  7. "I'm not sure what that means so I'm going to interpret it as a compliment." @Morrigan
  8. Seth couldn't help but laugh at that point, "I'm sorry. That's probably the corniest shit I've ever said flirting. At least I fucking hope it is." @Morrigan
  9. "Well my childhood nickname was Blue," Seth smirked to her. @Morrigan
  10. "Well you need red to make purple don't you." @Morrigan
  11. "I dunno, the shade is starting to suit you," he smirked. @Morrigan
  12. "You might not want to when it gets busy," he laughed, "We still look like skittles." @Morrigan
  13. "Well, counting travel time back to the base. So a little less than that." @Morrigan
  14. "We've only got what, nine and a half more hours? Easy time." @Morrigan
  15. "So am I," he nodded, "it's gonna make the day seem longer though." @Morrigan
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