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Violet Simril

private Escaping Cages

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Violet was a prized possession of her grandson. He kept her locked in a private room in World First Robotics. He felt that he had some right to keep her there, as if he created her and made her who she was. In ways, that was accurate. In many others it was completely inaccurate. The world was nothing without Violet. The good, the bad and the ugly. She was the reason it was the way it was now in some way shape or form. She had read her name in many articles calling her the 'mother of the new world'. She hadn't even been alive, at least not physically, when the whole thing was successful and yet she was the mother of it all.


As Violet slipped out of her gilded cage she thought one thing that her grandson was forgetting. The biggest flaw with keeping her in a locked room was that she held all the keys.


It was a simple task to get out of the building unnoticed and into the car that she called for herself. The android in the front seat had been advised to simply drive until she chose to get out. It was a long while of driving before she told the android to get off the freeway bringing them into District 4.


"If I may ma'am, this particular district is not safe for a woman like yourself."


"You may not. Thank you," Violet responded turning violet colored eyes in the direction of the metallic being with a layer of white plastic around its form to look more human. "Here," Violet indicated. The android obeyed her pulling to the side so she could get out. Without another look to the android she started down the crowded street.


Violet's appearance was a stark difference to the crowd around her. It was no wonder that a few people took special note of her. She was fair, wearing a simple form fitting suit that was light grey and unmarred by dirt. Her blonde hair was well-kept and cascaded down her shoulders instead of being up and displayed like a piece of art.


Stopping at a booth with trinkets with likely stolen or fake gems in them Violet was not as prepared for this part of town as she wanted to be.



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Rune was a free man, well, as free as a freak of genetic mutation could ever be - there were always people out there who wanted to poke and prod at him, figure out what made him what he was. No one had created him. No one owned him. It was a good thing. He wouldn't have taken things well otherwise. There was nothing famous about his name. He didn't show up in newspapers or on the net, he was no one... at least as far as most of the population was concerned. It made moving about freely rather easy. No one stopped him. No one questioned him. Not unless his mutation was displayed in some form. Then usually people were more terrified than anything. 


Even in the worst districts, safety was not a concern for the man. He moved through the crowd relaxed and with ease, as though he belonged in spite of his clear lack of alterations to his body. No. He looked almost painfully normal... or would if he weren't so striking in his natural appearence. Fair skin with sharply contrasting black hair and eyes so gray they could have almost passed as artificial silver instead of natural. There was nothing artistic about him. It was all simple, nothing exaggerated.


"Cut the crap and pay me, Pepe, I've got other shit to get done today," he sounded almost exasperated as he spoke to the owner of the booth the blonde had stopped at. He had just cashed in the spoils of his last odd-job, and if the damn vendor was going to try to convince him that the jewels were fake, he was going to bust his nose in. It wouldn't have been the first time. "It would be a shame if I had to fuck up that nice, new nose of yours."


"You're a bastard, Falcone," the vendor finally spat before shelling out for the jewels. Rune weighed it consideringly in his hand.

"How did you ever figure that one out? Feels a little light..." He tilted his head and raised a brow ever so slightly. There was a second before the vendor finally forked over some more cash. "Nice doing business with you."


"Go to hell... I have customers." The vendor glared at Rune before smiling at Vi. It drew Rune's attention to her. He watched for a moment, leaning there casually, hand tucking his illgotten cash into the inside pocket of his leather jacket.


"Sorry, doll, Pepe here doesn't have anything pretty enough for you." Rune interrupted without a thought, giving a flirty wink.



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Violet, while she didn't pay direct attention to the conversation, heard and understood the whole encounter. Not just the man and the vendor next to her but the conversations around her too. While she was able to process it all and ignore most of it her mind lingered on the conversation that was happening closest to her. Her fingers trailing over the gems as she analyzed them. It wasn't at all intentional but when you had a mind of a robot but the personality and body of a human it was difficult not to.


When the conversation turned to her Violet's dark purple eyes turned to the vendor who identified her first and then the man beside her. It took her a moment to register it but was he flirting with her. The thought brought a smile to her face. She knew from her analysis that most of the gems weren't real and so the man's comment was accurate, at least in the context. In a way he was saying she was prettier than a fake diamond or emerald. While she knew he wasn't intentionally comparing her to trash it was still amusing to her and her grin grew.


Violet set down what she had in her hand as she turned to the man. "If you're so knowledgeable than show me what is enough for me." this was said as a few people noted who she was a few feet away and started murmuring and whispering while they pointed at her. It wasn't difficult for anyone to tell who she looked strikingly like. "Give me something I won't forget and I'll change you're life," she said simply. She had many ways to do this and she would do it happily for someone that changed hers. She needed something to prove she wasn't just a slave to her grandson. The act of leaving, the rebellion of not staying where she was wasn't enough.


Violet craved an adventure far more exhilarating. Something that would remind her what it felt like to be human, to be alive.


If the man couldn't deliver it would just prove to her how much of an android she really was.



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