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Rune Falcone

Tank on two legs...

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Character: Rune Falcone

Type: Genetic Mutation


The descendant of past experiments, Rune has ended up with a... unique mutation. For lack of better terminology, the scientific community has taken a page from comic books and labeled this mutation as; 'adaptive invulnerability'. Quite honestly, everyone's surprised he's still alive. With every injury he receives, he heals into a state better than he was before the injury, though his tissues regenerate more densely than they were before. It was not a mutation that became apparent until after he reached adulthood. No one's quite sure what trauma or cocktail of drugs triggered it. What they do know is that at this point his body has achieved a density which would be equivalent to his entire body being made of solid aluminum. Needles do not penetrate his skin with any kind of real effectiveness, knives are becoming increasingly worthless against him, forget about bloodpressure cuffs, small impacts do no damage, and no one knows what to do if he should ever somehow break a bone. On top of all that, the denser and more invulnerable he gets, the heavier he gets. He currently looks like he should only way around two-hundred pounds. Instead he weighs in at around six. The man is quickly becoming a tank on legs.

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