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Alice Gregory

Red Ghost

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Character: Alice Gregory

Type: New Tech

Explanation of the tech:


Full body cyborg.

Alice is a genuine full body cyborg. She started her life as a regular human being but through her job and injuries has slowly converted to being a full bodied cyborg. Beneath her synthetic skin she has metallic bones, synthetic organs and muscles including a cyber-brain in which her consciousness has been transferred to. She weighs about 700 pounds due to metal bones and organs.


She is physically stronger than humans and enhanced. She can dead lift up to four times her weight but anything more than three times her weight has the potential to damage joints. She is faster than most and is able to interpret things more quickly, including pain which is both a blessing and a curse as she can dismiss pain more quickly however it hurts more. Pain is interpreted mentally as she used to be fully human.


She has both wireless and wired connection capability with a highly secure firewall and level five encryption. She is physically able to process food and alcohol with the ability to clean out any toxins in her body in less than ten minutes (meaning she can sober up quickly).


She has upgrades to eyes and ears able to focus in and take images as needed as well as listen to things further away.

The biggest drawbacks to her enhancements are mental. It's difficult to remember your human when you have nothing that makes you human anymore except for your mind. Additionally she has significant amount of insomnia which means that she can lose focus occasionally. The only way these things are kept in check are through regular check ins to the precinct therapist however she doesn't enjoy them and avoids them where she can which causes further issues for her both professionally and mentally.

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