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    Guns but no Girls

    This wanted ad is actually for two characters both @Charlotte Daniels and @Mordria Nemes.


    The Warders Family are thought to bleed bullets for as long as they've been in the arms business. The Warders are friends and enemies of no one, as long as you don't mess with the merchandise that is.

    This Warders man has been the leader for a little longer then the newest Pezal Crime lord or even Mordria herself however he respects his colleagues as long as they respect him in return. He looks rather unbecoming, even meek, and for the most part he really is a quiet man but he is ruthless, calculating and considered the meanest of most of the crime lords in the underworld.


    For Mordria the plots are primarily Crime Lord based but can expand to anything.

    For Charlotte I have a romantic plot in mind please reach out to me so we can discuss details on this!

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