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    Organs don't grow on Trees

    Param Yatri is a showboat. Infuriatingly arrogant, frustratingly persistent, obscenely charming, overly positive and sure of himself and has a knack for getting what he wants and what he has set his sights on is his business partner Mordria. He is known to show up uninvited to where she is, bringing her gifts and the like.

    Whether his motives to woo said strong lady are sincere or have ulterior motives are yet to be seen but he still hasn't won his prize even after years of trying.

    Also a recent inherent of the family business (or take over of the business through other means), Param runs the black market organ trade. Anything from new eyes to new skin this man is your guy. He is known to be passionate, determined, suave and clever. He loves a challenge and perhaps that's why he has his eyes on an out of reach prize.

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