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    The Grandson

    Son to Maximus Simril and grandson to Violet Simril, Stephen is a formidable force to be reckoned with. Heir to the throne of World First Robotics and creator of Class 5 androids this man is intelligent and calculated. He knows what he wants and he is willing to take the time to get it.


    Stephen is in control of many of the operations factors of the android production, especially for class 5 androids and their release. He created the Class 5 android in order to bring Violet 'back to life' after falling in love with the artificial AI that her consciousness was passed into when she died. He has since developed the Class 5 android to pass her consciousness into so that he could have her. The only problem is that all he's done was give a body to a woman that was already strong in her life. How long can he keep his secret? Only time will tell.


    As for his personality he is a ladies man, he is suave and has a silver tongue, just like his predecessors. He however only has sights set on his newest creation despite the oddity of it all. He is willing to bide his time with her until she accepts him. At least for now.


    Any other details are pretty open about this character. He will be NPCed until picked up. Please reach out to me with any questions and with ideas! Thanks! Also, this is not actually an incest relationship (though it reads that way) as the real Violet Simril is dead and gone.

    Edited by Morrigan

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