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    The Hawk

    Some genetic oddities are to be expected when scientists mess with the genepool, introduce artificial genetics into it and altered genetics through experimentation and the release of Super Soldiers into the world. Generations after that mess, the Quick family has established themselves as genetically unique - through lucky rolls of the dice, most of the family has inherited the beneficial aspects of the artificial and altered genetics of their ancestors. Unlike most descendants of Super Soldiers, The Hawk has inherited a good combination of them, enough to have been considered nearly a Natural-Born Super Soldier before Red Sky got him.


    And it was that genetic advantage he was born with that had him taken by the Red Sky mercenary group to begin with. When his cousins were able to survive further alterations to surpass the original Super Soldiers with their abilities, the young man they eventually code-named 'Kahu' (Maori for 'Hawk') was brought in. Just like his cousins, he had a set of genetics that was uniquely built to adapt, compatible to alteration. Not to mention that impossibly strong will to survive. They had learned from the one cousin of his they killed exactly what a Quick could take. Just like the surviving cousins, The Hawk was made to be underestimated with as few cybertronic alterations as possible. He was made so that he couldn't be hacked. He was turned into what his ancestors were supposed to have been. He was, through forced alterations and torture disguised as training, turned into an elite Super Soldier. Red Sky classified him as a 'One Man Army' - meaning he is capable of the same things four ordinary soldiers are.


    Following years of suffering on multiple levels under the command of Red Sky, he was a key player in the destruction of the mercenary group. Since then, he's become a freeman, employed by @Mordria Nemes as a bodyguard, enforcer and whatever else under a World First robotics shell company program. It's a much easier life-style where he is provided a more than fair compensation for considerably less suffering. All the while, the world still knows and rightfully fears the name Kahu, knowing fully well what the Hawk has done and is still capable of doing, though no one recognizes him as being the Hawk. At least not until it's too late.


    There are some who would say that all members of the Quick family have attitude problems... and they really aren't wrong. Every one of them seem to have a strong will that butts up against a stubborn streak a mile wide. There is a strong trend towards temper issues, disrespect for authority, and just generally being sarcastic smartasses. In some regards, Kahu can seem a little more patient or controlled than his cousins - but he's really just waiting for the right opportunity to throw a punch.




    Most is negotiable, just so long as he is cousin to Nolan Quick, "The Wolf" and "The Tasmanian Devil" and a Super Soldier descendant.

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