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  1. "They could have stopped and not been arrested. What do you think got into their head?" @Dragon
  2. Violet rolled her eyes as she smiled at her son and gave him a hug. "I just didn't expect someone new to be here today but I'm glad you got Chuck some help." Richie gave his mom a hug. "Yeah well when Chuck told me you were picking up Cherry I figured you'd be interrogating her." "I'm, not, interrogating. Intimidating a little, maybe," she smiled to him. "But I brought cookies." "Mom, you always bring cookies." "Well when you don't," she glanced over to Kaella, " tell me about things I stress bake." @Dragon
  3. Richie showed up almost as Kae was trying to hyper focus on work. "Hey mom," he said as he came in through the bay door. "I see you met Kae." "I did...." she frowned at her son. "Don't give me that shit mom." @Dragon
  4. "Yeah. That's true. I just. Sometimes I just think its weird. Like its abnormal some of the shit we have to clean up. That's all. @Dragon
  5. Violet narrowed her eyes curiously. "Hmph," she said as she glanced away from her. @Dragon
  6. "Exactly. I was more just curious than anything. Would sometimes be nice to know what people are willing to be put into a body bag for." @Dragon
  7. "Hell no. Our hours are long enough without having to think about that shit while not on shift." @Dragon
  8. Alice smiled to him as she watched the actual cops pile the people into the vans and one into a medi-unit. "Sometimes wish we could find out what started the fight," she said. "But gotta leave that to the overworked and underpaid cops," she said. "You guys good?"
  9. Alice grinned to him. They couldn't be affectionate while in their uniforms out in public. "I'll make sure you get your cardio in today one way or another." @Dragon
  10. "There's always the next job," she said reaching down to scratch over the fabric of her wound on her bad leg. @Dragon
  11. Violet hummed thoughtfully. "And... what do you think of my son?" @Dragon
  12. Two of the other officers went around the back to investigate it. Alice looked to Seth. "Get any running in?" she teased him. @Dragon
  13. Upstairs there were a few girls hiding that were scared but harmless otherwise no one else hiding out. @Dragon
  14. "So you deal or your take them?" @Dragon
  15. "Interesting. What exactly had you been doing to need to do such a thing?" she asked curiously. @Dragon
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