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  1. Morrigan


    This plot is an ongoing thing that has to do with the local HNTRS facility. We will update this as we get members involved or leak more secrets. To keep it mysterious we are starting out with only having it be rumors as well as currently involved/contactable people to get involved with the plot. The staff are also happy to plot something outside of direct contact with any of the following characters just reach out via PM, Discord or in one of our plotters. Rumors The HNTRS facility never releases its subjects. Even minor offenders seem to go away forever. The TRS system itself seems sketchy. Involved characters to get information from: Harlee Quixn - Harlee is behind secured doors in the HNTRS base and a decently kept secret. Getting to her isn't easy, even for a hunter however a pretty good lead to the fact that something is amiss. Involved characters that you can run into while possibly investigating: Charlotte Daniels - Was sent here by MI6 to investigate the strange goings on at the HNTRS facility. Alice Gregory-Redford - Just found out that Harlee may have been held against her will from infancy. Seth Redford - Just found out that Harlee may have been held against her will from infancy. Violet Selvaggio-Redford - Often has covert operations at Redford Corps to deliver targets. Red Redford - Often has covert operations at Redford Corps to deliver targets. If you want to create a character that has to do with the conspiracy plot please reach out to a staff member to discuss how you'd like to be involved.
  2. So these are my hunters feel free to let me know if you'd like a plot:
  3. Fortunately showing your participation is pretty easy and fully automated. You just fill out a simple form and we'll do the rest. To do this go to this page: https://thenet.work/event-link/ This will bring you to our nifty "Event link" page. Next, click "Add new record" and this will bring you to the form. You can see that it's only, thread title, thread link, event and an optional thread description bit The thread link, title and event are required. All you have to do for the even is start typing the name of it. It will provide you with a list. From here click on the event. Once you do that and click save it will automatically add it to the related Events page at the bottom, just above the comments. Done. If you add it before it's done or want to edit the description you can do go to the same page, go to the record and edit from there.
  4. Morrigan

    Halloween Haboob

    In Arizona there are these insane things called Haboobs! Or you can call them dust storms as well. Often directly after a haboob you have a massive rainfall and that is what this event is about. This event starts late afternoon on the 30th of October and ends on November 2nd (sort of, I'll explain in a moment) basically the actions of the weather so you can navigate your character through it. First, the Haboob will come. Those characters with phones that get alerts will get notified of the dust storm incoming. Wind will pick up to points you can nearly lean into it and not fall over (yes these things have been known to throw around small hybrid cars with no weight to them). As the dust wall moves in visibility will become non-existent or low. For an explanation it would be similar to a blizzard, heavy hurricane level rain or heavy fog but it's all dirt. While you can drive in this, it's not recommended, its recommended to be indoors and safe. This will continue (in this particular event) until mid morning on the 31st of October in which, as the dust starts to subside the rain will start. The rains will be heavy and not let up until late on November 2nd with phone notifications of flash floods. While the rain will subside this will cause quite a bit of issues as there will be roads blocked because they are flooded and depending on how the weather continues these flooded areas could last through winter. Hopefully you're not swept away in a wash. If you want ideas, feel free to comment as a reply here and I'll be happy to throw some stuff at you.
  5. Extrasensory Humans/Mages/Witches/Psychics (for our purposes on this site we will be calling them Mages), are humans with what are considered extrasensory powers and or abilities to focus their energy to accomplish a goal. Spells are energy projection and often require hand movements to utilize along with energy, meaning that it can drain the user. Mages are currently the only unknown supernatural race since they can hide in plain sight. Abilities & Weaknesses Mages in general are the same as humans meaning they have the same strengths and weaknesses as well as standard lifespan*. Mages have powers that are powerful but it takes skill to master and use them. Mages abilities tend to be emotionally driven. Abilities can vary from physical to emotional. All mages use energy in order to use their abilities. The longer they use them for the more drained they are depending on the power. As a mage becomes more powerful they use less energy to use their powers however prolonged use can still weaken a mage and make their powers unusable. Powers vary from mage to mage, however, mages in general all have the following at least as base skills: Telekinesis - The ability to move or shift small to medium objects with your mind, approximately up to 15lbs. Pyrokinesis - Power to manipulate fire. This in the past has been used as a parlor trick, increasing the size of candle flames, to give the illusion of spirits. Hydrokinesis - Power to manipulate water, this means direct it and pull it into the air for short amounts of time. Botanokinesis - Ability to make plants grow faster. Imbue Potions - Ability to imbue magic into a concoction of herbs. These potions range in type, complexity and what they can do. Most potions imbuements are taught by parents or mentor mages. Stun - A defensive move for mages to protect themselves from other supernaturals this will stun a target for a variable amount of time. Approximately the equivalent to a stun grenade. Mask - The ability to alter traits such as eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and face for moderate periods of time. Advanced skills take time and concentration to develop or even determine exist. Most Mages don't even realize that they are there unless they have a mentor or a large emotional event happens. These skills can become dangers and also get the hunters notified of the mages existence which is currently not their goal. These are not all advanced skills but a list of likely possibilities. Invisibility - The ability to blend into surroundings - this is not fool-proof, there will be a “glimmer” of movement, think of it like a chameleon. Medium - The ability to see and communicate with spirits. Electrokenisis - Ability to generate and direct lightning. Technokenisis - An advanced version of Electrokenisis that allows a person to communicate with electronics almost as if they were human and or fix electronics. Advanced Telekinesis - The ability to move or shift large objects up to the size of a car. Advanced Pyrokinesis - The ability manipulate and generate fire at will. Advanced Hydrokinesis - Power to manipulate water. This means they are able to pull it from the air in humid environments and use it as a weapon or a buffer. Since it's water, using it as a shield, while it might slow something down, will not stop it. Advanced Botanokinesis - Ability to make plants grow or kill plants at will, regardless of season or location. Luck - This type of mage can manipulate 'luck' for themselves and other people. This ability has a major drawback as luck always has to balance and if the mage is not careful they can run into a string of bad luck that they cannot manipulate their way out of. Healing - The ability to heal themselves and others to varying degrees, from minor injuries to broken bones. Shadow Play - The ability to manipulate shadows and sometimes make them slightly more solid. Abilities to avoid due to metagame Telepathy - The ability to read minds or project thoughts. Future Sight - The ability to see a possible future outcome. FAQ Can I have an ability that isn't listed above? Yes of course. We ask that you refrain from intentionally using metagame sorts of abilities that's about it. We're not really going to micromanage you on this, our end goal is that everyone enjoys playing. How many abilities can I have? Use common sense. We can understand combination skills especially for characters that were raised with abilities like it in their family and were taught from a young age. Basically if you have a logical reason, you have the juice.
  6. So excited for plots!!! Halloween event coming soon. 

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