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Alice hadn't wanted to but the kid that was being booked with Richie's name on her apartment she rolled her eyes. "I'm going to Harlan," Alice said to Seth before she limped off to her bike to head further in town.

It was a longer drive but it was gentler.

Once she was patched up and sent home with advil.... fucking advil, she took an automated cab home and went to take a shower before she crawled into bed expecting her husband wouldn't be home for hours. After his trip to his brother's place he would have to go back on duty and she wasn't able to join him.

She eventually fell asleep not able to really relieve the pain in her leg.

She would wake up a few minutes after Seth got home.

Stretching her top half she got up to go out to see him. "Harlan said I can come back to work tomorrow if I want."


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The rest of his shift didn't do much to ease Seth's irritation with the night as a whole. He was still annoyed with his brother, and everything else. 

He let himself in quietly once he was finally home, moving to the fridge to grab a beer out. 

"Hey baby," he looked up as she came in, "you sure you don't want to take an extra day?" 


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"Apparently he felt bad for the kid so he traded the prosthetic to the Nakadas - who it turns out were the ones behind the theft in the first place - so they'd cut the girl loose," Seth answered as he grabbed another beer from the fridge for Alice, "said she reminded him of when Ursula was fucking up." 


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